We know what it takes to make your Plant Environment Clean, Safe and Compliant.

With the backing of our Global OEM partners and through their extensive knowledge and expertise, we offer Industrial Filtration Solutions (IFS) to suit a wide variety of industries and applications.

A Clean Working Environment is probably one of the most overlooked key elements when considering sustainable production. The process of Dust, Fumes, and Mist generated during the manufacturing process must be efficiently captured to ensure product quality, equipment longevity, regulatory compliance for a safe and healthy work environment. Our filtration solutions help you meet and exceed OSHA Standards and local EPA Regulations.

We are committed to ensuring that our application solutions would help your organization maximize production efficiency in the long run.

With many reference projects to our name, we have been considered as the preferred supplier by many of Sri Lanka’s leading manufacturers in various industries time and again.

ATEX Compliant Filtration Solutions - Combustible Dust

Explosive or potentially explosive atmospheres occur in a wide variety of workplaces where process dust comprises fine aluminum dust, organic powders or other similar substances. They can also be found where flammable gases or fumes derived from chemicals or petroleum products are present. The consequences of explosions can be extensive. Besides causing direct injuries to employees, filter systems can be ruptured and contaminated air recirculated, with subsequent health risks.

As the dust from most organic materials, synthetic materials and metals can explode, attention needs to be given to prevent such dust explosions. The European Community passed two directives on explosive atmospheres / combustible dust called the ATEX directives.

  • ATEX Equipment Directive 2014/34/EU
  • ATEX Workplace Directive 99/92/EC

The application of these two directives has led to increased protection against explosions, making various technical and organizational actions obligatory.

We offer 100% ATEX compliant product solutions that fulfill the highest safety standard requirements.



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