Across many industries globally, consolidating suppliers within specific supply categories is a proven strategy to concentrate buying power and reduce purchase prices. By simplifying and automating interactions with preferred suppliers, procurement and purchasing teams can more effectively work supplier relationships beyond just cost savings, to include support for more strategic enterprise imperatives.
The challenges and issues large organisations face today managing their supplier base can amount to an increase in time, effort and workload to ensure these relationships are maintained and built upon in order to get the best possible value and service.

Benefits of Supplier Consolidation


Reduced Purchasing Soft Costs 

By dealing with fewer suppliers, the billing process will be clearer, the control and visibility over your company’s purchasing will be increased and orders will be easier to manage and track; resulting in less time and administration dealing with multiple orders, deliveries and invoices – leaving your team to focus on your business.

Increased Service & Support 

Consolidating your products and services with a few single source supplier for specific product ranges will result in better relationships and improved service levels. Successful key account management from within your suppliers and regular supplier business reviews provides an increase in cost reduction initiatives and improvements.

Improved Quality 

Once you have streamlined your supplier base and partnered with a single or a few selected suppliers, they will likely improve quality to minimise the risk of losing your business.

Reduced Procurement and Supplier Management Costs 

While reduced product or service price’s represents the largest source of hard cost savings from supplier consolidation, reduced process cost (i.e., increased efficiency) may be the largest opportunity. Many companies across Sri Lanka have already strategically partnered with us to reduce their supplier base and consolidate essential business requirements.

Many companies across Sri Lanka have already strategically partnered with us to reduce their supplier base and consolidate essential business requirements.

Key advantages of working with us


  • Special discounted packaged pricing based on Projects or Annual Procurement Plan
  • Offer OEM equivalent or suitable alternate product options which are more cost effective
  • Sponsored training Programmes - Locally as well as at OEM training facilities
  • Key Industry Knowledge, consultation and technical support direct from OEM and industry experts
  • Provide proforma invoice for direct imports and better savings
  • 100% Original equipment with local warranty and after sales support
  • Full Technical Support Service or Turnkey Project Solutions


We specialise in offering the following essential factory products

1) Automation Systems- PLC, HMI, SERVO
2) Control Components - Timers, Temperature Controllers, Counters
3) Switches- Level, Basic,Limit,
4) Motion and Drive - Inverters / VFD from LV to MV / Servo Drives and Motors
5) Safety Components - Safety Sensors, Door Switches, Limit Switches
6) Relays - Full range and 100% Original and also custom options could also be provided
7) Sensors- All models and types
8) Printing Consumable - Various Types of Inks, Hot Stamping Foils, Thermal Transfer Ribbons, Hot Ink Rollers
9) Industrial Filtration Solution - Aftermarket OEM replacement filters types such as Bag, Envelope, Cartridge, 
HEPA, PTFE, Antistatic, Gas Turbine, Liquid Filtration 
10) Robotics - Industrial Robotics, Mobile Robotics



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